Please use my patented online self hypnosis software to create a truly custom hypnosis mp3 for you

Why a Personal Hypnosis?

Even the best hypnosis CDs, tapes, and mp3 downloads are simply mass produced copies of a generic hypnosis. Yet each person is unique. That's why your hypnosis should be as unique as you are.

Patented HypnoSoft uses computer technology to create the custom hypnosis that's right for you. This is the hypnosis that will help you reach your personal goals. This is the hypnosis you'll want to use again and again.

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Self Hypnosis Software Wins Awards...

HypnoSoft awarded
5 out of 5!
HypnoSoft awarded 5 out of 5!

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5 out of 5 award!
HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

HypnoSoft wins another
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HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

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HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

HypnoSoft wins another
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HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

5 out of 5 award!
HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

5 out of 5 award for HypnoSoft!
HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

5 out of 5 award!
HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

5 out of 5 award for HypnoSoft!
HypnoSoft receives another 5 out of 5 award!

Software awarded 5 out of 5!

Self Hypnosis Software
Award Winning HypnoSoft™ Self Hypnosis Online Software

Wish You Could Change the Way You Think About Something?

A Custom Hypnosis MP3 to Fit Your Exact Needs!

From the HypnoSoft Inbox:

"Thank you for this wonderful service! Having a personalized hypnosis
is a wonderful thing. Thank you for all the options and the flexibility in
helping me create a hypnosis that I feel most comfortable with."

Hi. I'm Richard Blumenthal, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Since I invented HypnoSoft, thousands of people have reaped the benefits of a truly affordable, custom hypnosis. Please let my online hypnosis software create a personal hypnosis mp3 for you, crafted to your exact needs and preferences.

HypnoSoft's Inventor, Richard A. Blumenthal, MS, NCC, LMHC How To Make Your Custom Hypnosis MP3

        1. Click a Start Now button on this page.

        2. Make your choices for the imagery and suggestions you want to
            include in your custom hypnosis mp3. Use my drop down menus
            or enter your own words and phrases. You can even mention
            specific people, places and events.

        3. Purchase your hypnosis for only $14.99

        4. I'll send it right to your email!

Click here to create your custom self hypnosis

Richard, What Is Hypnosis?

ypnosis is a natural state of mind which helps you to accept the ideas you choose called suggestions. Hypnosis does this with far more power than just ordinary thinking. The feeling of being in a HypnoSoft hypnosis is similar to a soothing, relaxing daydream. Hypnosis doesn't have to be long to be effective. A well-crafted custom hypnosis could be as short as 10 or 15 minutes in length. In fact, hypnosis that realistically fits easily into your daily routine is best.

With HypnoSoft Your Hypnosis Can Say Just What You Want...

While in hypnosis, your mind is more open to accepting the ideas you truly want. These ideas can help you to change or control your behaviors, emotions, health, anything the vast power of the mind may influence. After using a custom self hypnosis that tells you exactly the words you need to hear, HypnoSoft owners often use superlatives like, "Wonderful", "Awesome", Great", and "Empowered" to describe their experience when they write to me.

Why just wish for it, when this natural marvel is now so easy and affordable?

Click here to create your custom self hypnosis
Create Your Custom Self Hypnosis Here

Hypnosis has two main parts, induction and suggestion. The induction helps you to achieve the state of hypnosis. Suggestions are the ideas you want to help you reach your goal. When you use HypnoSoft, you first choose the imagery you think you'd enjoy the most. Your choices will be included in the hypnotic induction part of the mp3.

Then, choose a prepared topic,
or write your own custom topic,
or do BOTH at no extra charge!

Health and Wellness Prepared Topics:

Quit Smoking

Forget You Ever Smoked

Weight Loss Now

Power Over Sugar Addiction

Pain Relief

Power Healing

Before Surgery

After Surgery

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Migraine / Headache

Dental Visit Ease

Control Over Tinnitus

Power Over Substance Abuse

Quit Marijuana

Quit Drinking Alcohol

Menopause Hot Flashes

Pregnancy - Giving Birth

Pregnancy - Morning Sickness

Mental Health Prepared Topics:

Stress Management

Restful Sleep

Anxiety Control

Support for Dealing With Loss

Increasing Self Esteem

Anger Management

Controlling Attention Deficit Hyperactive Behavior (ADHD)

Posttraumatic Stress Reduction

Controlling Obsessive/Compulsive Tendencies

Control Gambling

Conquer Fear of Flying

Controlling Shopping

Self Improvement Prepared Topics:

Fitness Motivator

Increase Personal Attraction

Enjoying Life

Enjoying Intimacy

Career / Job Performance Success

Time Management

Improving Memory

Test Anxiety Relief

SAT Exam Success

Student Success
(appropriate for students in College, High School, and Middle/Junior High School)

Building Assertiveness

Body Image, Body Shaping

Great Golf

Sports Performance Booster


When you create your hypnosis you'll also have a choice of voices.

Click to hear a sample of the American Male Voice.

Click to hear a sample of the American Female Voice.

Click to hear a sample of the British Female Voice.

Your completed hypnosis MP3 will arrive by email, ready to use. Save it to your smartphone, tablet, PC, any device that will play an mp3.

Privacy Guarantee: We promise never to sell or trade your e-mail address without your permission.

Click here to create your custom self hypnosis
Create Your Custom Self Hypnosis Here

Richard's Video
Explaining Hypnosis

In this brief video, licensed mental health counselor Richard Blumenthal
explains how hypnosis works.

Actual Quotes from the HypnoSoft Inbox...

"...Outstanding...I actually really enjoy the automated voice. Having been a hypnotherapist I believe it might even help with that little added bit of overload needed to go a bit deeper with the relaxation. I especially love the ability to add the comfort items to the relaxation script. Your product is definitely unique and I believe will be a great help. I'll certainly be back for more. Thanks again Richard."

"...I just wanted to let you know that the custom hypnosis mp3's are a godsend...I looked everywhere online and could not find anything that was as customized a program as I needed; in addition the costs for a customized tape was between 100 to 300 dollars!!!. Finally I found your site. I have been listening to my custom hypnosis for over a week and can already feel the anxiety lessening. Thank you."

"...I am so very pleased with your custom self hypnosis - I would have never thought it could really work when I first heard the more 'mechanical' voice, but boy- does it work!!! Many blessings, warmly,..."

"...This is the second product I've ordered from you and each time the service has been excellent."

"Thank you!! Your products are wonderful. I've had great success with them. The one for sleep had me sleeping like a baby. They have truly changed my life..."

"Thank you so much for such a great product, it arrived quickly and I am really happy with the whole recording. I am already planning my next one  I just love how you can add on your own suggestions and they work with the script really well. Thanks again"

"Thank you so much for such wonderful customer service!"

"I just started my personalized weight loss hypnosis. After only one listening, I was stunned at the difference in my behavior toward food. I had been told by my dr. to cut out sugar, but hadn't, because the withdrawal headaches scared me. After one listening, I no longer desired sugar and had no withdrawl. I'm not afraid to go hungry for a few hours, and really have no desire to eat anything that isn't good for me. I have spent thousands of dollars over my lifetime trying to get a handle on my weight, and I believe I've found the answer... I have never felt this empowered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

"Yes. It arrived ahead of schedule. It's great! Thank you very much..."

"This is the 2nd mp3 I have received and I have really found them worthwhile. Many thanks"

"Hi - The software arrived. Thank you very much. I'm happy with the product!"

"...I have got to tell you this news - I used the hypnosis twice this morning, and then I had to go to physical therapy for my back (I also have a herniated disc). Because of my panic attacks (all of the stress and anxiety of leaving home), by the time I arrived at the doctor's office, I was having stomach pains so bad that I did not think I would be able to go through the therapy. I asked the doctor if I might be able to wait just a little bit to see if I could go through with the therapy anyway. He led me back to a recliner in the back of the office where I sat back and "played" the hypnosis in my head (the best I could recall). Within 20 minutes, my stomach was feeling much better and the pain in my lower back had diminished to an "acceptable" level!!! I was able to go through the physical therapy after all!!!! So, thankfully, this is already helping me... there are MILLIONS of us who suffer from fibromyalgia and I would love to be able to let them all know about this!!!

Again, thank you so much!!!"

"Received with thanks. Very pleased with the result will be recommending to friends."

"...Again, thanks for the great service."

"...thank you! it's a great product for a great price!!"

"...I downloaded it and it is WONDERFUL !!! I will remember your service in the future as well and will let others know about it too."

"The (mp3) is wonderful. I have played it back twice and the effects are really good. It helps me to cope with anxiety and anxious feelings better. Thanks again!"

"It came and was great! I'll be getting many more. thank you so much for this wonderful idea!!!"

"The HypnoSoft custom mp3 arrived quite quickly--thank you. I was appreciative of the fact that I had several voices from which to choose for the narration. I chose the British female voice and was pleased by the reading. I think it was important that I got to choose the surroundings and different elements of the induction--it made it seem like a pleasant dream with which I was familiar. Since I chose most of the words in the script, I found it most comforting for some reason. I approve of your mp3 sessions and plan to order more in the future. Thank you."